Bailliage du Pays de Galles

Bois le vin, sois bon comme lui

Photography: Richard Bosworth

L'Ordre des Chevaliers Bretvins

Founded in 1948, L'Ordre des Chevaliers Bretvins is a French Confrerie which commemorates the customs, food and wine of the Pays de Nantais.The headquarters of the Chevaliers Bretvins are in the Chateau de Goulaine, just outside Nantes.
The Chevaliers Bretvins du Pays de Galles was established in 1993 as a Bailliage or Branch of the main French Ordre. This honour recognised the cultural ties between Wales and Brittany and particularly between Cardiff, capital city of Wales and Nantes the ancient capital of Brittany. We in Wales assist our colleagues in the Pays de Nantais to celebrate the great wine of that region, Muscadet and at the same time acting as ambassadors for Wales and Cardiff when visiting France and the other Bailliages throughout the world.

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